European championships 2008

Location : Italy

Weather : 30 deg C, next to no wind i.e. Close to perfect conditions

I'm just back from a wonderful week in Italy.  The contest site was just like a dream with an excellent runway, a beautiful park with plenty of shadow, and a wonderful restaurant and relaxation area.  In addition to this the organization was flawless, in total an impressive event.

I was lucky enough to perform well during the event and was able to copy my previous best result at an European Championship with an 11th place.  While this is a very good result for me it's slightly annoying to again miss out the few points needed to reach a position in the finals, but then again I could just as easily ended several positions down.

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Equipment list

Out of the 69 pilots :

10 flew Integral, 9 flew Beryll, 4 flew Leviosa, 4 flew Oxalys, 3 flew Amethyst,  3 flew Prestige, the rest of the models present was used by 2 or less pilots.

45 flew electric (65%), out of these 37 used a Hacker (14 the 13XL,  22 the 14XL and one prototype), 7 a Plettenberg (30-10 Evo) and 1 an AXI 5350

24 used IC-engine, out of these 20 used YS, 4 used OS.  Two used an YS 170 CDI

44 flew with Futaba, 11 with JR,  10 with Graupner (JR), 2 with Robbe(Futaba), 1 with Multiplex and 1 with Spectrum radio.

38 radios transmitted on 2.4GHz


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